We're looking forward to hearing from you, please leave your name and message below and we'll get back to you shortly. Please read below and send all requests to info@jordintootoo.com.

PLEASE READ: Failure to follow procedures may result in a delay in your response. We wil not reply to emails that disregard the correct process. If you are looking to book for a speaking engagement, we ONLY book a minimum of 6-12 months in advance. Please send your written proposal including:

-Name of your organization

-Name of the event

-How does it relate to suicide prevention in teens and young adults


-What are you  offering to pay(per day)

-Flights, accommodations, hotel & food must be included

-What are you wanting Jordin to specifically do (Keynote Speech is 30 min)


-Please include as much information as possible that is relevant to your request.

*Please remember, we get 100's of requests a week, so not all can be accepted.


For media inquiries, please understand with a full schedule we are not able to respond to all requests. We're sorry, but the Team Totoo Store is closed at this time.

Emails related to Team Tootoo, or if you need a mailing address to send gifts or letters, please email teamtootoofund@jordintootoo.com